Experience and fun

  • personalized advice when you register
  • advice on the equipment
  • briefing and tour specs
  • scenic stops for photo shots
  • regional information
  • selected food stops: reservations, if needed; local dishes
  • insider's tip
  • organized return transport, if needed
  • guided tours start on time
  • Guided tours take place:
      • with no minimum number of participants
      • with a maximum of 10 participants per guide
      • even in bad weather conditions (the route is modified to the conditions)



  • assessment of participant's ability level
  • information on degree of difficulty, obstacles and access issues
  • up-to-date information on road conditions
  • up-to-date weather forecasts and alerts
  • first aid assistance (guide)
  • first aid bandage kit (guide)
  • bike repair kit (guide)



  • «Roadbike Holidays» bike tours are guided exclusively by professional, certified guides!
  • Our guided tours are led by me, Klaus Irsara - the owner of the hotel and a professional certified guide - or by a Dolomite Biking Guide Team certified guide.