The word «lieve» in Italian means light, and this is the lighter version of the tour «La Pedalata Tosta». The Alta Badia-Bormio and Bormio-Alta Badia routes are similar to those of «La Pedalata Tosta», but the rides are at the more relaxed pace of bikepacking.

The bikes are equipped with bikepacking bags provided by our hotel and the Hotel Funivia in Bormio so that cyclists can carry their essentials for the journey. The key word is exploration and the program is designed so that cyclists will enjoy stops and overnight stays in the charming villages along the way.




The package includes rental bikepacking bags, GPX tracks and expert advice for an unforgettable adventure.
Edition 2023 from 28 May to 3 June!


Venture into the world of bikepacking with «La Pedalata Lieve». Join us for the special spring edition or choose the dates and we'll offer you a customized package.



  • from 28 May to 3 June 2023

  • other dates on request


day 1

  • check-in at Hotel Melodia del Bosco

  • dinner at the hotel

day 2

  • breakfast

  • start of «La Pedalata» Alta Badia – Merano

  • check-in hotel or bed and breakfast

  • dinner

day 3

  • breakfast

  • start of «La Pedalata» Merano – Bormio

  • check-in at Hotel Funivia

  • dinner at the hotel

day 4

  • breakfast

  • tour to the Lakes of Cancano

  • dinner at the hotel

day 5

  • breakfast

  • start of «La Pedalata» Bormio – Caldaro

  • check-in hotel or bed and breakfast

  • dinner

day 6

  • breakfast

  • start of  «La Pedalata» Caldaro – Alta Badia

  • check-in at Hotel Melodia del Bosco

  • dinner at the hotel

day 7

  • breakfast

  • check-out

Route data

  • «La Pedalata» Alta Badia – Merano > 124 km and 2,110 m ascent

  • «La Pedalata» Merano – Bormio > 96 km and 2,570 m ascent

  • tour to the Lakes of Cancano > 35 km and 1,000 m ascent

  • «La Pedalata» Bormio – Caldaro > 142 km and 3,130 m ascent

  • «La Pedalata» Caldaro – Alta Badia > 95 km and 2,360 m ascent

Klaus’s and Daniele’s suggestions

  • try to limit your luggage to the essentials, you will appreciate it every time you tackle a climb

  • your bike will be different to ride with bikepacking bags, so start slowly to get used to the different weight

  • the route is demanding and you will feel the weight of the luggage at the end of the day, so try to keep a proper pace in order to be able to enjoy the different landscapes

  • in every village or town there are fountains to fill up your water bottles



  • 4 nights including half board

  • 2 nights including breakfast

  • 5 snack-packs with energy bar and drink

  • briefing about the route on the day of arrival

  • customized GPX tracks

  • Apidura packs rental for your bike

  • 1 «La Pedalata» cap

  • laundry service for cycling gear in our hotel and in the Hotel Funivia

Price and information

  • the package «La Pedalata» is organised on request and customized to your wishes. Price starting from 967.00 € per person

  • in our hotel and in the Hotel Funivia is half board included, in the other accommodations only the breakfast

  • the price does not include lunch, snacks and drinks

  • a good athletic preparation is a prerequisite for the tour